Bored of using the plain condoms which have a flat straight surface? It’s a time to switch to the premium range of Extra Time Condoms with multi-structured surface condoms which come with dotted & ribbed surface and exotic flavors.

Extra Time Yuva/Seal Breaker/Xtra Pleasure are having structure of dots and raised ridges to provide extra sensations and offer additional joy to both of you and your partner. Extra Time Yuva/Seal Breaker/Xtra Pleasure condoms are specially designed condoms which have the anti-slip mechanism which avoids slipping of a condom during intense intercourse.

About Product

  • Origin: India
  • Size: Length:180mm (min.), Width 53± 2 mm
  • Packing Size (pcs): 3pcs / 10 pcs


Extra Time Yuva/Seal Breaker/Xtra Pleasure condoms offer differing textures with the flavor of Rose/Chocolate/Bubblegum to transform the intensity of sex and to make the night more naughty.
Maximize your pleasure with Extra Time Premium Condoms for men. These condoms have uniquely positioned raised dots & ribs texture designed to maximize stimulation for you and your partner.