Orchid Flavor

Extra Time Strawberry/Orchid/Scotch Whiskey/Jasmine condoms are having dots like raised round structure on the condom surface which increases the pleasure. The protruding circular shaped structures will make your partner to reach greater sensation.

About Product

  • Origin: India
  • Size: Length:180mm (min.), Width 53± 2 mm
  • Packing Size (pcs): 3pcs / 10 pcs


Extra Time Strawberry/Orchid/Scotch Whiskey/Jasmine dotted condoms comes with Strawberry/Orchid/Scotch Whiskey/Jasmine flavor to make your special moment more pleasurable and to impress your partner

Extra Time condom contains special climax-control lubricant that helps him last longer. Extra Time condoms are 100% electronically tested and lubricated for extra sensitivity