We provide a variety of deodorants and antiperspirants that will give you a fresh feeling during your daily activities with long-lasting fragrance. We believe that with the right deodorants you can face any situation hence we come up with ExtraTime® deodorants in two fragrances
ExtraTime ® DARE
ExtraTime ® DIVE

ExtraTime ® Deo for

Extra Protection
Body odor and sweat can let you down and can affect your daily performance. But don’t worry now because with ExtraTime® Deodorants you are shielded from both for a long time.
Extra freshness
ExtraTime® Deodorants reward you with long-lasting freshness. Droplets of scent in the antiperspirant deodorant sit on the skin from the moment you apply it on your body. They release a fresh, clean boost when friction bursts them.
The more you move, the fresher you feel
Extra Fragrance
ExtraTime® Deodorants gives you long-lasting fragrance which keeps you fresh and active all day long