Cough Drops

Trepson Plus

We at Prohealth always try to protect your health by providing quality products so we have launched a new and effective cough drop with double action ayurvedic herbal formula for fast relief from sore throat. Our cough drop is available in two flavors as

Trepson Plus Honey & Orange

Trepson Plus Honey & Ginger

Sore throat is one of the most common kind of upper respiratory illness, generally caused due to bacterial or viral infection. However, it can also be caused due to other factors such as cigarette smoke, pollution etc. Sore throat generally involves irritation, pain, and itchiness & thus it interrupts your daily life by causing difficulty in talking, swallowing & other day to day activities.

Trepson Plus Cough Drop lozenges work as a cough suppressant and gives you confidence to face the world in your best form. The ingredients in Trepson Plus lozenges come together to provide quick & long lasting relief from sore throat, making it more effective than other normal lozenges.